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Launching February 2nd 2013
Sketchbook and notes from a Dark Sky Public Art project creating shelter, sonics and a way for star gazers in Galloway Forest, Scotland. The forest is unique in having zero light pollution, there is only one other dark sky park in Europe. Therefore the views of the night sky are remarkable.

There were five traditional stone bothy shelters in the park, our work is at White Laggan bothy in the interior of the forest by Loch Dee.

We made thermal Spacesuits to combat elements and Sky gazers which are angled for observing. We have also made a vinyl LP of space ballads. The space suits are free for public use.

Our project url is
Our process url is

Yird Muin Starn (Old Scots for Earth Moon Stars) is by Mandy McIntosh and Kaffe Matthews.

Supported by Creative Scotland through the Vital Spark award scheme.

Further details of Mandy McIntosh's work can be found at

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